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Labour of Love World MInistries

Holy Anointing Oil

Holy Anointing Oil

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Introducing our Holy Anointing Oil, infused with the power of prayer and blessings from Labour of Love's Pastor Joseph Amey. This Holy Anointing Oil has been carefully crafted to deliver strength, healing and protection to those who seek it. Use it to anoint yourself or others, and experience the transformative power of its divine blessings.

Whether you're seeking spiritual guidance, relief from illness or protection from negative energies, this Holy Anointing Oil is the perfect tool to help you on your journey. Pure olive oil packed in an easy to use roller, it can easily be applied and carried. It also makes the perfect gift.

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Size: 10ml

Blessed Pure olive oil

Not for consumption

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Elizabeth O'Connor Bandeen
Blessed User

This oil helped to heal an old injury where nothing else had worked.

Fifteen POUNDS!!

For years people have tried to cure cancer and your £15 pound bottle does it. SCAM.COM

Evie My
Absolutely worth the money

I was sceptical at first but I thought I’m in so much pain there’s no harm in giving this Holy oil a try just to see. To my amazement it started working instantly I felt a tingly warm sensation on my neck and within 5 mins or so the pain had completely vanished. I’m absolutely lost for words. Great product definitely worth more than the £15 I’ve ended up buying more for my friends to try

What a wonder

I used this Holy Oil on my daughter who had a terrible headache and within 10 minutes she was feeling much better. A miracle in a bottle. Would recommend.